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This page will be consistently updated to provide information for patients.  This will include educational articles and videos, websites, technology and general information to keep you active, functional and performing to your best potential. 

New Patient Forms

These forms are required for new patients both in office and virtual appointments. 

AWC Health History (pdf)


informed consent Chiro (pdf)


Postural Stretch

This is a postural Microbreak Stretch that you can use when sitting at a computer or desk for long periods 

How to bend to avoid back pain

This video outlines the hip hinge movement that is used to help avoid spinal back pain when bending.

Dolphin MPS Tutorial

This video outlines the self treatment methods for the Dolphin MPS Neurostim.  The Advanced Wellness Centre has made the Dolphin MPS available for patients to purchase in order to help progress their treatment at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

If you are interested in purchasing a Dolphin MPS unit, please contact our office via

Resource Library

View the Published Article by Crystal Abbas PT and Dr. Daher

Important Read for All Patients

Common Myths Related to Pain

By: Dr. Criag Liebenson