Advanced Wellness Centre

COVID-19 Update

Changes to the AWC


Attention all patients due to the recent events in relation to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, there have been changes to the Advanced Wellness Centre.  As of March 30, 2020, the Advanced Wellness Centre will be only seeing emergent or acute injury and cases to manage chronic pain.  All maintenance or wellness treatment will be suspended until further notice.  ​If you currently have an appointment scheduled, you will be contacted to cancel or reschedule.

During this pandemic, the Advanced Wellness Centre:


  1. will continue seeing patients for emergency cases or acute injuries and to help manage pain. 
  2. has implemented VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS via the ONCall software, Call our office to set up a virtual appointment
  3. is selling Dolphin MPS Microcurrent stim units to allow pain management self treatment at home 

AWC Update

We are continually committed to help our patients manage pain during this increasing difficult time.  Please be sure to make contact with us if you require any assistance in dealing with pain or managing mobility issues, we are still here to help. 

Our Practice


The AWC Mission

The AWC Mission

The AWC Mission


Our goal is to make you FEEL BETTER. We do that by making you MOVE BETTER. By maximizing your functional goals, we help you to adapt to your work, home and active lifestyle. ​

Our methods include the latest techniques in physical and manual therapy including the use of technology, the newest exercise and training methods, a wide variety of manual techniques based around a patient centered approach


About Us

The AWC Mission

The AWC Mission


Our story begins with a goal to provide the highest level of patient centered physical rehabilitation care to our community of Leamington and surround areas.  

Understanding the shortfalls of pain management and physical rehab, our team traveled the world to learn techniques and incorporate technologies to help our patients thrive to achieve their goals.   Whether it's pain relief, improving flexibility, increasing performance at work or in sport or maintaining general physical health; our team can tailor a treatment strategy for you.


Our Methods

The AWC Mission

Our Methods


Functional Therapy is the core of our methodology.  Our focus is to improve our patients' ability to perform; in work,

 in sport and in life.

Our multidisciplinary approach means that we have a variety of techniques and methods to aid in your recovery.  

We understand that each patient is unique and requires personalized care.  

Our patient centered approach focuses on your tailored goals.